Animal I Have Become: Chapter 1

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By: Erica Lerma

“Mandy! Get up and go to school! Its 8:15!” hollered Mrs. Clay. Mrs. Clay is my foster parent. She’s really loud! And annoying…

“I’m up!” I yelled laying back down. After a few minutes I knew I had to get up because I was already super late to the cage of wild birds, otherwise known as Hawkendale Academy. I’m really not a morning person so it takes me forever to get ready. I walk to my closet and pull out a black and grey sweater, put on my jeans and boots, and then add two layers of jackets. When you live in River Hollow, everyday is cold and winter is freezing. I finally put my blue beanie on and walk to school.

As I walk up to the building, I see my friends standing in our usual spot. Suddenly, Eric spots me and pulls me towards them with his beautiful blue eyes, as if using the force was a skill he mastered.

“Morning beautiful, how are you today?” said Eric. Eric is my best guy friend. His dark brown hair is amazing. His personality is completely sweet and adorable…. But we’re just friends of course… sigh.

“Hey Mandy!” said Zelda. Zelda is my awesome best friend! She has red hair and fair skin. We look exactly alike except my hair is neon blue.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” I replied.

“Oh… nothing, just talking about a certain someone’s birthday!” said Zelda.

“Don’t give anything away!” Eric mumbled to Zelda.

“Oh come on guys I told you I don’t want anything special for my birthday! You guys promised!”

“Mandy! You need to be quiet and appreciate it!” Zelda beamed.

Eric quickly chimed in. “What Zelda means to say,” he says, pushing the frustrated Zelda aside. “ We’re your best friends and we’ve known you for 5 years now… We think you deserve the most awesome 15th birthday in the whole entire universe. Plus I have a special surprise for you.” He gave me his irresistibly hot smirk. At the corner of my eye, Zelda was looking back and forth at Eric and I. I noticed that I had stepped closer to him and we were only a couple inches apart. I wanted badly to kiss him but my stupid mind made me snap out of heaven.

“I, uh, got to go to class. Um, bye guys.” I said, super embarrassed. I scurried away and when I looked back, Eric stood there staring at me sweetly. He always makes me feel like I’m being swept of my feet. Suddenly his eyes went from sweet to worried horror. I frowned, curios at his worry.

“Mandy!” Eric yelled.

“Huh?” I gasped, as I felt the world spinning. It was as if the earth was rising above me. Then I realized I was falling.


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Hi! I'm the Editor and Chief of the Yearbook and the Bradley Growl. I LOVE Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and Nirvana. I am a wolf. Yea, a wolf, like those emo kids with tails you see around town? That's me! I reccomend that you don't judge me, I'd appreciate it to thanks. My name is Erica Lerma but you can call me Mal. (M~aa~l) So yea, that's me. ~Mal

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