Beiber’s in jail!!!!

| February 12, 2014 | 0 Comments

By: Jade Miller
Artist Justin Beiber was arrested on January, 24, 2014 for the charge of DUI drag racing. Not only was Beiber under the influence of drugs he was also driving with an invalid licence. Bieber tried to resist the arrest in early morning of Thursday. Beiber was released on Thursday in the afternoon on a 2,500 dollar bond. Fans and parents are realizing that young 19 yr old, Beiber is drinking and doing illegal drugs.


“Will this ruin his career?” thousands of fans asked. Is Justin titled as the bad boy of all the pop stars? In my opinion, yes and I think he should take responsibility, if he doesn’t want to ruin his career and life. Justin’s father Jeremy Beiber helps his son drag race by blocking the roads.

Justin was ranting at the police repeating “Why did you stop me?” What the f**k did I do?” “I don’t got any weapons” Beiber was smiling in his mug shot like he had no care in the world. Did Justin learn his lesson?
Will he do it again?
Will Justin let his fans down?

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