Teacher tells Black student to take off Santa Hat, Says Santa is White

| February 12, 2014 | 0 Comments

By Andrew Monreal


In New Mexico, a high school teacher told an African-American student to take off his Santa hat because Santa is supposed to be white. The student afterword was upset and told his parents.The teacher was sent on administrative leave and is currently being disciplined.

The student was so upset that he refused to touch any Christmas decorations.The funny thing is, St. Nick might be black.  Historically! There was evidence about him being closer to black than white. Anyways, the teacher was complaining about being harassed about the issue.

The media picked up on the topic too. The comedy show” Saturday Night Live” and “The Colbert Report” made fun of the teacher and the remark. The teacher did say sorry though, but when the parents called to talk there was no response.

This is just one racist remark from people around the US about the Santa issue.There are other remarks and incidents but most of them like this.

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