The haunted house chapter four

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By Justin Dahlberg

Steve has not been back to that house for about three weeks since the last time he was there because he is very scared that the next time he goes there what is ever is there will try and hurt him. His friends keep trying to get him to go back but he refuses to go. The next day he decided to go to the house with his friends and the same equipment and he bought a new piece that  goes off when something that is electronic or runs on electricity. When he walked he felt a different presence than what he felt the last time he was there. It felt strangely evil and he asked his friends if they felt what he was feeling but they said no and that startled him. He pulled out the camera and started to video and went around to show that there was no one was there except him and his friends.

When he went upstairs to see if he could catch what he saw the last time on video. Hours later they didn’t catch anything and started towards the door, right when they reached for the door handle they heard a bang and he started to video again to see if they could catch the bang again. It was silent for a while, they decided to stay for a little longer and video the entire time. The silence was interrupted by a bang and then a screeching sound as if though there was someone was upstairs screaming at the top of their lungs. When they got upstairs there was nothing and the screaming had stopped when they got to the top.

His friends ran out but he stayed and didn’t even seem to notice that they ran. He was trying to focus on something and then he blanked out and the next thing he knew he was in his bed. He walked down stairs to see his parents making breakfast. When they saw him they told him they saw him walking home and then he fell and they took him home. He told them he was at the old house at the end of the street. They told him he should stay away from that house for a few weeks.

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