The Selection

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35 girls have their lives change when they are picked into The Selection

By: Madi Davis

The Selection is a book with a character named America Singer. She is a five, which are rates that are from 1 to 10 (royal to very poor). So she is not very rich, but tries her best to get money for her family by singing at parties, soon falls in love with a boy in a 6 family named Aspen, but the law says that 2 different numbers cannot marry each other. They dated for 2 years in secret without their families knowing, but the Selection comes up where a girl from 35 different towns in the age group of 16 to 20 is picked to be in a competition that will change their lives from a low rating to a 3 and if they win, the girl and their family will become 1’s. So Aspen tells America that he wants her to be in the Selection and just try to be in the Selection, but when they show the results, America is picked. She tells Aspen about the news and Aspen tells America that they can’t be together any more because he needs to be the one providing her not the other way around. Then things happen in the castle when America is there, like her not wearing things the other girls wear, and spend more time being with the Prince Maxon than the rest of them. So she has a long road ahead of her until she goes home.

So when you are at the book store or at the library, get The Selection and sit down somewhere and read. It is a good book and it will make you want to read more and more until you finish it, well, that is how I am and if you do like The Selection, there is a second book called The Elite.

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