Animal I Have Become: Chapter 2

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My mind was racing, my right side felt like it was on fire. “Mandy! are you okay? What the heck dude!!” Eric said. It took me a moment to realize he wasn’t talking to me the second time his angelic voice spoke. My vision was blurry and I could not make out anything but black blobs, hovering over me.

“I’m…. sorry…” a new voice whispered softly. The new voice sounded somewhat familiar to me, but i couldn’t figure out just who this new speaker was.

“Is, is that blood? What did you do to her!?” Eric yelled

“Eric, please. I’m…” I started. Suddenly Eric pulled the side of my shirt up. I was about to tell him to cut it out but a sharp pain entered my spine and ran down my back to my side. My vision cleared a bit and just in time to see the horror on Eric’s face.

“Is that… are those, Bite Marks!?” Eric squinted. He reached his hand towards my side. In a flash, my head was turned; I hissed at Eric and slashed his hand. He stared at me in astonishment. I turned my head forward, still on the ground, lying in pain.

“What have you done to her?!” Eric screamed to the mysterious person. He stood up now. “Answer me you freak!”

“Don’t come near me…” the voice said.

“What are you going to do Drake? Huh? Are you going to bite me too?” Eric teased violently. Hmm, Drake sounded familiar… Of course! The boy was Drake Boyd. He had always been so shy and mean to everyone. As if he wanted nothing to do with anyone; nothing to do with the whole school itself. He was in my history, art, and science classes. A very talented mind he had as well.

“Eric, stop…” I whispered. My body felt weak. I could hardly even breathe. It was as if my whole system was shutting down, and I had no way of stopping it. My mind still racing I force myself to sit up.

“She should have been aware of her surroundings.” Drake mumbled.

“Aware of her surroundings?! Even if she was ‘aware of her surroundings’, you BIT HER!! You can’t say that that is an accident… in fact that’s unrealistic, unnatural… what are you?” Eric questioned. When Eric said the last sentence, Drake tensed up. He looked as if he was suddenly outraged by that question, or, was finally letting rage he had held in, out. Eric and I looked at him for a moment. I could have sworn Drake’s eyes hadn’t been a golden yellow before. He clenched his hands tightly, and his nostrils flared rapidly. He shot a deadly look at Eric, then, a more apologetic yet still angry look in my direction.

It ended the pain somehow. Just for a slight moment, looking at his eyes, I felt good inside. Better then I had ever felt before. But it made the least amount of sense to me. I felt, trust, or as if I trusted him, a feeling very hard to explain but one I’ve never felt before. Drake quickly walked away. “Where do you think you’re going?! Hey!!” Eric yelled after him. Eric turned to me. He started talking again but I couldn’t understand anything. My eyelids fell and I felt myself rising, getting carried by Eric. I slowly faded away and my racing mind came to a stop. The last thing I heard before I slept was Eric’s frantic mumbling.

By: Erica Lerma

Category: Creative Writing

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Hi! I'm the Editor and Chief of the Yearbook and the Bradley Growl. I LOVE Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and Nirvana. I am a wolf. Yea, a wolf, like those emo kids with tails you see around town? That's me! I reccomend that you don't judge me, I'd appreciate it to thanks. My name is Erica Lerma but you can call me Mal. (M~aa~l) So yea, that's me. ~Mal

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  1. Mal Wolf says:

    holy jebus! this is like a super great story and i gave up on it! for shame on me! XP i think i may come back to it later on!! Mal, you are such a genious and so talented and wow i reeaally need more friends…

    • ggott says:

      By all means, continue writing. You have ended on a cliffhanger (sort of, though not as much in comparison to your first part.) Your intents in starting this appeared to be to create a long lasting story, and with a little effort, for example writing a chapter every week, this could become a story, instead of two pages that have not quite built up to the plot. Your writing has the potential to be greater, but greatness requires work.

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