Chapter 1:Forbidden Hearts

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By: Jacy Hornsby

Thud, Thud. My heart pounds harder with each step I take but, then I turn and look at her. Her beauty, gracefulness, and mysteriousness calm me. I shake off this feeling knowing it’s wrong to feel this way about another of the same sex.

I get home and head upstairs not noticing my parents sitting at the table frustrated. I close my bed room door and put my head phones on, blaring Bring Me The Horizon. (my favorite band) I can’t get the image of her out of my head. Michele, she is normal just like everyone else but there’s something about her that makes mind race. The next morning I woke up on the floor as always and rush to school to make sure I can see her face and smile.

I get to class and sit behind her memorized. “Umm hi! Michele, I was wondering if you wanted to come over after school and work on our science project we got assigned?” I muttered nervously.

She smiled at me, “Sure, how long do you want me to stay? I have all night because its the weekend,” she said in a way that almost sounded like a melody.

“If you want you could stay the night.” I replied shakily. I knew it was odd to ask that since we weren’t really friends before this and because we are fifteen year old girls. I mean sleep overs no body cool does that anymore unless it’s a party and you got wasted.

She giggles and nods yes. I sigh relieved and start doodling her and ideas for the project.

School lets out and I start to walk home feeling happy for the first time in a long time. I even forget about my frizzy hair,uneven body,and scars. As I walk down the street I notice a car slows down next to me and rolls down the window. I look up to see Michele waving to me to get in. I took out my ear buds and smiled as I get in the passenger side of her black  Buick. “Cool ride!” I beamed.

We went to a small coffee shop to chat and think of ideas for our project. After she drove me to my house and I introduced her to my mom and dad we watched a little bit of TV.

“She seems very nice! She can stay as long as she wants.” my mother chimed happily that I had a friend.

We went up stairs to my room and Michele looked at me amazed. “Look at all these bands! Lita,could you show me some?” she she said jumping up and down. I nodded and since it was late we got ready to go to sleep. I saw a glimpse of her skin, so beautiful it seemed like she was made of stars. I got dressed and layed down on the floor so she could use the bed. I stayed up in shock of the events that happened today but, I eventually feel asleep.

It wasn’t long till i woke in my sleep to fine Michele kissing my cheek. I sat up blushing and flustered. “Michele! Wha- what are you doing ?” I muttered.

“I know you like me Lita, and Iv’e been curious about you for a while. I think you’re beautiful and mysterious, I want to get to know you.” she said as quiet and calmly as possible.

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