Color of the Clouds

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A Myth by Lauren Tong

Once upon a time, in the land of Cloudville, there was a mortal boy named Bob. He often daydreamed while looking up at the clouds in the sky. One ordinary day while sky gazing, Bob noticed something rather strange happening to the typically white clouds—they were changing colors! First, the clouds turned a blazing red, and suddenly Bob became very angry. Then, the clouds turned a gloomy blue, and he felt terribly sad. Yet again, the clouds turned a bright green, and he was laughing with joy! When the clouds turned a puzzling purple, Bob was more confused than ever! He asked himself, “What in the world is going on? The clouds are crazy colors and my emotions are all over the place!” Legend has it that clouds are now white thanks to Dracocumulus, the Cloud Dragon. Here’s how the story goes…..myth be told…. Up in the heavens, Crayonis, the God of Color, and Charmindew, the Goddess of the Clouds, were having a heated debate. They were arguing about what color the clouds should be. Crayonis exclaimed, “I am the God of Color! I make all things colorful!” Suddenly, he turned the clouds red. Then Charmindew retaliated, “I am the Goddess of the Clouds! I make all cloud decisions around here!” With her words, the clouds turned blue. Crayonis yelled back angrily, “You should think that I, the God of Color, should have the power to change colors whenever I choose, even the color of the clouds!” and the clouds changed to green. Charmindew rebutted, “In case you have forgotten, let me refresh your memory. I am the ruler of the Cloud Kingdom and I rule the clouds!” The clouds, amazingly, then turned purple. Unfortunately, this quarrel continued for days on end with no resolution in sight. Crayonis kept changing the color of the clouds from red to green and Charmindew kept changing the clouds from blue to purple. Meanwhile…back down on planet earth, Bob and all of the other mortals were going crazy! As the clouds were changing colors, so were the emotions of the people. Whenever Crayonis changed the color of the clouds to red, the people felt uncontrollable anger, and started fighting each other. When he switched the clouds to green, the humans felt extreme happiness and laughed until their faces were sore. Charmindew’s cloud colors had a different effect on the mortals. When she turned the clouds blue, they felt overwhelming sadness and couldn’t stop crying. When she changed the clouds to purple, there was utter confusion and total chaos! During all this pandemonium, the gods didn’t notice the sun being covered by an incredibly large and peculiar creature. The creature declared, “I demand that you stop this ruckus!” Crayonis asked, “And who might you be?” The creature announced, “I am Dracocumulus, the Cloud Dragon. I am sick and tired of you two arguing day and night! SILENCE!!!” Dracocumulus, being a fair and kindhearted Cloud Dragon declared, “Since you cannot come to an agreement, I shall decide the color of the clouds for you. From here forth, clouds shall be white! They will be an empty canvas.” As soon as Dracocumulus made this declaration, a big flash of light covered the entire world and the color of the clouds were forever changed to white. With this new whiteness, the clouds offered a blank slate and all the mortals on earth were free to experience their own emotions. Mortals were angry when they needed to be, felt sad on occasion, smiled when something was funny, and were even confused from time to time. The mortals felt true emotions at the right time, with no control from the gods beyond the clouds. Even the ordinary, sky gazing Bob felt like himself again! He now daydreams every day, gazing at the clouds as if the world had never been an emotional wreck. The clouds have remained their soft and fresh white color ever since. All the earthly mortals, including Bob, feel what they need to feel, when they need to feel it. This is how clouds became white, and why they will stay white forever more. Believe it….or not!!

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