Doesn’t that only happen in the movies?

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 I got off the bus as if it was just a normal day.

Except today as I my house came into view. Something was strange.

In the driveway sat my mothers car. I was always notified when she is coming home early. Why not this time?

I unlocked the door as silent as possible.  Just in case there was something wrong.

As I opened the door slowly. I heard a scream.  Help!

Moving closer towards the kitchen the scream got louder.

I peeked my head in the kitchen to where I can see ,but not be seen.

What I saw next was. What I thought only happened in the movies.

My mother held at gunpoint. While cold hearted criminals took everything we owned.

As quiet as possible I ran outside. Sprinting to my neighbors house.

I borrowed the phone and dialed 911.

 My neighbors tried to comfort me ,told me it will be okay. Even though I knew it wouldn’t.

All I could do was wait for the police ,and pray for my mother.



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