Family Finds House Possesed

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By: Jenna Kurburski

In November of 2011, the Ammon’s family moved into a rental house in Indianapolis on Caroline Street in Gary only to find their house filled with, what they thought, spirits from the Devil. It started first with flies swarming their house in December. After midnight that same day, they heard the sound of clumping footsteps on the basement stairs and the creak of the opening and closing of the door between the basement and the kitchen. The mother, Campbell, awoke one night to a silhouette of a man pacing her living room floor. When she went to check it out, there were wet boot prints on the floor.

On March 10, 2012 at 2 A.M, normally when she and her kids would be asleep, they were mourning the death of a loved one with a group of friends when suddenly, Campbell heard one of her kids screaming “Mama! Mama!” in the other room. Campbell rushed into the room and saw her kid’s friend levitating above the bed, unconscious. Eventually, the girl descended and woke up with no memory of what happened.

Campbell called as many churches as she could find to help, but they all refused. Eventually, after talking about it and the signs, one church finally listened and told them the house on Caroline Street, did in fact, have spirits in it. They told the family to clean the home with bleach and ammonia and also use oil to draw crosses on every door. They remember someone telling them that the best thing to do was to move, but moving wasn’t an option for this money stripped family. Instead, she took a clairvoyant’s advice and made an altar in the basement. They used the altar to read Psalm 91 and also burned sage and sulfur and spread it through out the house.

Nothing happened for three odd days until her three children, ages 7,9,and 12, got possessed by demons. The kid’s eyes bulged, they grew evil smiles across their faces, and their voices deepened every time it occurred. In desperation, they called their family physician, Dr. Geoffrey Onyeukwu, for serious help hoping he might understand. Campbell told him what their family was going through and in reply, he said it was, “Bizarre”. In his medical notes, he wrote “delusions of ghosts” and “hallucinations”. What happened next would not only reveal evidence, but proof of paranormal activity. According to Washington’s original DCS report, the 9-year-old boy had a “weird grin” and walked backward up the wall and onto the ceiling. He then flipped over Campbell and landed on his feet.

Rev. Michael Maginot, of the 10 years he worked at St. Stephen Martyr Parish, has never had a request of exorcism. Campbell called Maginot for this request for her 9-year-old boy. He agreed to interview after Sunday Mass a couple days later. He visited their house on April 22, 2012. For two hours, Ammon’s and Campbell described the phenomena for him. After a four hour interview, Maginot believed that the house was being tormented by demons and that there was ghosts in the house. Maginot wrote a report on his findings and asked Bishop Dale Melczek’s permission to¬†preform an exorcism. Melczek initially denied Maginot’s request to do a Church stationed exorcism and to ask other priests who have preformed them. That same day, Maginot preformed a minor exorcism on the Ammon’s. The ritual consisted of prayers, statements, and appeals to cast out demons. That was the last time Ammons and her mother saw Maginot.¬†They drove back to Indianapolis, where they said they now live without fear.

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