Man Shoots Another Man In Movie Theater Over Text

| February 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

By: Noah LaPatra

Have you ever seen somebody texting in a movie and you got mad? Well apparently a 71 year old got did too and the situation ended up escalating too far, to where the “texter” Chad Oulson actually got shot dead

Witnesses say that Oulson was sending a text to his very young daughter, when the offender told him to please stop texting. The argument soon got very heated and Curtis Reeves- the offender- went to go complain to the manager but soon returned, when he returned Chad Oulson allegedly turned around to Reeves and said “What’d you do tell on me”
Popcorn was thrown, words were yelled, and soon Chad Oulson had been shot. Supposedly there had been medics viewing the movie too, and none tried to revive Oulson while he was on the ground. After the gruesome shooting Reeves sat back down into his chair and continued watching the movie.
Apparently when they mean “Turn off your phone” in the movie theater I guess they actually mean it.

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