Pretty Little Liars

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By: Jessica

Pretty Little Liars is a suspenseful show, filled with scandalous lies, forgotten quotes, dating teachers, stealing sunglasses, and most important,trying to unmask the one person hunting each of the four girls down.

The drama all goes down in a sweet little town called Rosewood. Or is it? The nightmare started after Alison DiLaurentis was murdered, and Hanna, Spencer, Emily, and Aria are getting shoved around by someone who calls themselves “A.”

The actresses make this thriller believable and very suspenseful for the viewers. Ashley Benson plays a particular blonde little thief of the four girls, Hanna Marin.  Lucy Hale takes the show to a more self explanatory part of the show, she is one of our main liars, Aria Montgomery. Aria falls in love with her English teacher, Ezra Fitz played by Ian Harding. Emily Fields is played by Shay Mitchell she is probably the most innocent one of the group, but recently comes out of the closet and surprises everyone. The academic driven for succession, would be Spencer Hastings which is played by Troian Bellisario.  And last but definitely not least is Alison DiLaurentis who is played by Sasha Pieterse. The cast work together to keep secrets hidden, stories untold, and to finally see who is behind the scandalous lies sent in through texts, emails, and notes.


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