Suicide Attempt in Colorado High School

| February 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

By: Michael Rivas

Classes were closed in Standley ┬álake high school because a student set himself on fire in the school’s cafeteria. A teacher was cut when she broke a pane of glass to get a fire extinguisher. She is being treated for minor cuts.The student was 16 but can not be identified, because of his severe burns.

Police say students were present but none were injured. They still don’t know why he set himself on fire.┬áPolice would not say if he said anything before he lit himself on fire. Officials say he has been planning it for years.

Friends have try’d to talk him out of it but he never listened. They say he doused himself with oil before he lit himself on fire. Officials say they found an empty gallon of fuel can on the floor. Investigators went through the school with bomb detection dog just for a precaution.


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