The Truth Behind Black holes

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are blackholes real?

By: Madi Davis

Last week(1/20-1/24)Stephen Hawking wrote a paper that talks about black holes and one statement that says that it declares that there are no black holes in the universe. People still say that black holes are real, because there is a machine that can detect black holes from space, and they will be able to get a picture of the black hole’s horizon.

Stephen Hawking will not change his mind that black holes are not real, so people have made a club called the Black hole fighting club. They now have a conflict that is between quantum dynamics and Einstein’s general relativity. So Stephen Hawking and a group of theoretical physicists try to tell the people that there is no black holes, and try to proof that they are wrong.

“Although later on you’re doomed and you’ll encounter very strong gravitational forces that will pull you apart,” noted Caltech physicist John Preskill at the 2013 Caltech event. The astronaut that has seen a black hole before in space was a “no drama” thing so they say it is fake .

Stephen Hawking may be right about the black holes, but until we get a group of people and a real video of it, he maybe right. So we may find out in the future that black holes are, or aren’t real, and maybe Stephen Hawking was right about black holes.

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