Lets Give Some Animals Love

| February 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

By: Jaida Sloan

Today I heard of most cutest charities of them all a animal league shelter. One thing you could do for Valentines Day  is give some love to those irresistible puppies because they do need you.Now lets get a little more detailed about this program is all about not putting down animals and finding them homes. These dogs our just like babies who just need homes so donate your money or some time to these big or little angle. This organization  really cares and has been established since 1934.

The Animal Defense League was established in 1934 by a group of individuals, “for the prevention of cruelty to animals; to promote kind and humane treatment of animals; and to aid and assist the enforcement of laws enacted for the prevention of animal cruelty.”

ADL began with just a few makeshift chicken-wire cages in response to a need to shelter stray and injured dogs and cats in the San Antonio area. Along with providing basic shelter and care, emphasis has always been placed on adopting animals to homes where they will receive loving care and attention for the rest of their lives.

In 1961, ADL moved to its present location in the easily accessible northeast part of San Antonio. Its campus encompasses more than 12 acres and includes a two-acre pet park. On the property is an Adoption Center with a small retail store, and a separate 5,000 square-foot Clinic which houses our veterinary hospital that provides onsite spay/neuter surgery, surgery for injured and ill animals, and ongoing medical care for all ADL resident animals.

In 2004, a new kennel was built to house dogs. In 2007, two kennels built in 1963 were raised to open space for  more play space.These animals need you so please donate to this cause.

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