O2L (Our Second Life)

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Our Second Life is probably the most perfect Youtube channel, in my opinion of course. Okay so you have a wonderful mix of Connor Franta, Kian Lawley, JC Caelyn, Ricky Dillon, Sam Portoff, and Trevor Moran all in one channel.

Connor, Kian, JC ,and Ricky all live in one house since they are over 18 years old. Since Trevor and Sam are under 18 they live with there parents ,but they all live in California.  Right now O2L is planning their tour to go meet all of their fans all over the country. I will put a link below showing the places they will be stopping on their tour.

Each of the O2L members have there own seperate Youtube channels ,but they post on those once a week. Every week each one of the O2L members post a video on the O2L channel. Normally they have a topic each week that they all post a video about. Many times the video will have to do with a media site such as Instagaram or Twitter, but sometimes they will impersonate each other or other Youtubers.

O2L has many hilarious videos that will make you laugh. You should go check them out and comment what you think, and who is your favorite.

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