Chapter 2: Stolen Souls

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By: Jacy Hornsby

The next morning it was as awkward as possible. We sat in total silence. I never looked at her directly in the eyes. I decided the kiss was a weird dream , even though I knew it wasn’t, and went on with life.

“Ms. Kino, can Lita and I go hang out at the park today?” Michelle asked.

“Yes, have fun.” my mother replied with glee. We got dressed and headed for her car without a word being said. When I got in the car she smirked at me.

“What? Is there something on my face?” I asked. She giggled and shook her head and started driving. I just rolled my eyes and stared out the window. When I started to realize we weren’t heading to the park I sat up to see Michelle grinning. “Where are we going?” I asked.

“We’re going to the forest. Don’t worry I’m going to show you something.”She whispered. I wasn’t sure why she whispered but I didn’t reply. As we got deeper into the forest the sky seemed to be getting darker and darker with each step we took. My heart started to race and I didn’t notice that I grabbed Michelle’s hand. She smiled and just kept walking. I couldn’t tell if what was happening was going to be good or if I was just being paranoid.

I looked up at the sky about to ask to leave when the clouds started to swirl above us. I glanced at Michelle stuttering,”What’s happening! We need to go!” Michelle shook her head and smiled, “Sometimes the sky does that when I bring visitors. Its okay, I want to show you where I live.”

I turned toward her puzzled, “Don’t you live in the city? You know near school.” She shook her head and kept walking tightening her grip on my hand. I decided to just trust her and be quiet. It started thundering but the air was as dry and thick as possible. In the distance I could make out a small door, but nothing was behind or built around it. I shook it off and just watched her to see how she reacted to things. We got closer and I started to pull back afraid of what might happen.

“Its okay, I’m bringing you to my home.” She said and pulled me with her. Before I knew it we were going through the black door that I thought would lead to nothing. I looked around amazed. There were millions upon millions of wolves and other woodland animals. I looked at the sky and almost screamed at what I saw. There were magical beings floating around and it looked as though we weren’t on earth.

“Where are we? How is this possible?” I gasped.

“I am the princess of this planet, Saturn. I brought you here to see if you were one of the missing princesses or a shape shifter.” She stated. My eyes widened and I just stared at her amazed. She let go of my hand and turned toward a tall old man that was starring at me. He glared down at me and sighed, “By the way she is built it is very possible she’s one of the missing princesses sworn to protect you. However I’m not sure which one she is.” He declared as he examined me. Michelle just nodded and barely touched my hand before saying, “She could be the princess of Pluto or Jupiter. The way she acts makes me think that she is Princess Jupiter, but the way thinks is much like the princess of Pluto. I sighed and looked around as they babbled on about things I didn’t understand. Something caught my eye. I started toward this big white building that had a marble walkway and giant polls pouring water into a small river in each edge of the walk way. When I got to the building I screamed as something grabbed my arm, pulled me into a dark room, and knocked me out.


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