Potato joe

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One day a potato named joe jogged up the big hill on the far end of his town. when he got to the top he could see his whole town he said “man my town looks pretty”. after he said that he yelled “well better get going down my wife is making potato salad she said its a new thing she wanted us to try”. when he was going down he slipped and started to round down the hill he was going so fast down the hill he might of beat a cheetah. All of a sudden he stopped he look up there he was about to get eaten by his most fierce predator, a cute little bunny he ran for his life but the rabbit was to fast. Then he slipped a started rolling again the rabbit ate his dust and not him then he yelled out loud “ha ha ha dumb rabbit “ as he said that he hit a rock and bounced up and landed on his face. He was still on the hill so he started walking again he thought to himself “man i should’ve bought my car”.  Then he checked his cell phone he got a text it said “WHERE ARE YOU, YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE HOME HOURS AGO “ he texted back “I went out for a jog on the big hill” after that the said “oh let me check my instagram status” then he dropped his cell in a puddle of water “nooooo i got one follower” he just lost his only thing to communicate and he didn’t know many likes he got his photos .  Then his phone ringed  it was his friend alex who was calling “hello alex”

“hey your wife called she said to get home now”


“no” said alex then he hanged up

joe felt like he was on the hill for days but he wasn’t, he ate dirt only because potatoes eat dirt he walked for 20 more minutes then he reached the bottom he said “finally i made it  argh now i have to walk for 40 more minutes “ then he heard  big footsteps  when he  turned around he saw it, it was his most hated foe the cute bunny  who chased him he said “thanks for the game”

“the game”?

“yeah tag “

“oh anytime”

then the bunny went away then joe said “that was the best day of my life



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