Exotic Pets You Should Own

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sugar glider-

A sugar glider is a small, nocturnal, arboreal marsupial native to Australia and Indonesia.

To make your sugar glider happy it is important to keep its living area healthy. It is also important to make sure its home is proper; to insure this you will need the following. An 18 by 18 by 30, paper or aspen bedding lied on the cage floor, an 8OZ bottle of water, a sleeping pouch, at something to carry them in known as a “bonding pouch”. To keep your glider healthy you will need to buy it some fresh fruit and veggies and sprinkle it rep cal (a supplement added to fruit and veggies to give an extra bit of calcium), and gliderade (a vitamin enriched nectar for sugar gliders.) all of this can be found on Amazon.

Now to actually purchase them, go to,




squirrel monkey-

Squirrel monkeys can be purchased from any trusted breeder, and yes THEY ARE LEGAL TO OWN. Before you think about owning a monkey you should first learn some basic facts, and here I am to the rescue to tell you what you need to own one. First you need a large macaw cage big enough for your monkey to live in, say when you are at work or school. Second you need to know what to feed them, they will eat anything from meat to bread to fruits and veggies to even peanut butter and jelly. Now remembering they used to live in places such as Brazil, Bolivia, costa Rica, Papua new guinea, and Peru, they are used to eating a varied selection of food, so don’t just fed them the same thing every day. Now you should know that the vet costs 350$ every visit, per one monkey. So you’re also looking to buy them diapers, either that or potty training, which only works about 80% of the time.

Now that you know all the basics it is time to know costs.

Adult: 1000- 4000 $ depending on age and behavior

Babies: 6000-7500.


fennec fox-

Being the smallest fox in the world they have surprisingly large ears, their ears are a whopping, 6 inches long. Often living in the Sahara desert, these animals are considered exotic. Before I give you pricing information, I will first give you some quick facts.

They are omnivores, so they eat anything from bugs to cat food to eggs. They drink water if available. You can give your fox cat food but make sure that it is high in taurine. Any cat food that is not high in taurine is bad because their bodies are not meant to obtain that much fiber, therefore causing problems. You are required to feed them meat because taking away their meat could cause serious problems like, cardiomyopathy or fatal liver disease. Good sources of protein for your animal can include meal worms, crickets, or silkworms. Also you can give them eggs, because in the wild they are nest robbers.

They can live from 11-14 years. While we are talking numbers why no give you some weights and heights.

Head: 9.5-16 in

Body: 9.5-16 in

Tail: 7-12.2 in

You can then, after doing a little research, buy yourself a fennec fox at http://www.crittercamp.biz/FennecFoxasPet.html , for $2800.


finger monkeys-

Known as the pygmy marmoset, these are the smallest, legitimate monkey in the world. The average body weight of an adult is 4 ounces. They are about 5 inches, not including the tail. They are harder to observe in the wild because they are so small and they can get up to the higher, thinner branch, and if they really wanted to they could jump up to 16 FT.

They inhabit the amazon rain forests in Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil. They scramble around like little squirrels, collecting sap and gum from the higher up branches that no other animal has tapped in to yet.

They communicate by making high pitched clicking, squeaks, whistles, and trill noises. Sometimes they make noises so high that humans cannot hear them.

You can buy these marmosets at http://www.exoticanimalsforsale.net/animalsforsale.asp you can get them for about 280 each both male and female

pygmy tarsiers-

Known as the Tarius Pumilus, this mammal becomes the most active at night, spending most of the day sleeping on upright branches. The Pygmy Tarsier lives In Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. The tarsier was believed to no longer exist in the 1920’s.

These mammals are of a grayish brown color, very small ears, and eyes measuring 16mm in diameter. This mammal is 95-105mm long and weighs less than 75g. It also has a furry tail, which is unusual for tarsiers.

The tarsiers stay and mate together for 15 months, once at the beginning of the monsoon and once at the end. The babies grow up very quickly, going on family trips at three weeks, and hunting for themselves at 6.

These mammals are meat eaters 100%, and eat bugs, and live for up to 16 years

Although these animals are not yet legal to own keep an eye out for these adorable loving creatures


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