The differences in eating habits between different states

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By: Brooke Sellers


     America’s obesity rate is over 30% of our population, keep in mind we are one of the largest states. Still that is a very high percentage of people overweight, it is anywhere from young kids to adults that are in this category of being overweight.  Franc has  a much smaller population but their obesity rate is only at 11%, that’s good right? wrong. France is actually starting to eat more than us americans. In 1995 France’s obesity rate was 5.5% and it was only 3 years since they updated it. in 3 years Frances obesity rate skyrocketed to not a very big number in comparison but yes , a very high percentage.33.8% of America’s adults population is now considered obese, in 1997 it was 19.4%.


     The food styles are very different as to the amount of food we consume in different states. How much we eat and drink are very different in comparison to other states and countries. Most countries have tradition with certain food, like you only drink coffee in the morning and not in the afternoon. Amera on the other doesn’t, we eat whatever we want, whenever we want it and that is why we are obese and not healthy or in shape.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some people don’t even eat breakfast or they eat too much of it. There is something called “proportion” or “proportion size”. It is just another way to tell us the right amount of food we should consume just for that one meal. In other states and countries you eat a light breakfast with coffee. Unlike here, we stuff our faces with fattening greasy breakfasts. This is why we should be healthy and not be obese.

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