Geri’s Awesome Snow Trip

| September 11, 2014 | 0 Comments

People sometimes say that New Mexico is a boring and an uninteresting place to travel, but Geraldine Mazariegos would say otherwise. When she went to New Mexico she was astonished. There was snow everywhere! She looked from left to right and saw nothing but white. She stood frozen to the ground, for she has never seen snow before. She had originally gone on that trip for a church retreat but once she set foot on the ground, a snow ball had hit her hard on her shoulder. “Never get yourself into a snow ball fight. It hurts!”

Although she was in pain she was having lots of fun laughing at other people getting hit. ” Even though it was freezing and snowing, a good time can happen anywhere.” The youth group had there fun and went to there cabins for the night.

When they got back they kept on with there regular routine. Geraldine thought that New Mexico was the best place that she had ever been to. She was happy that she went and would love to go back soon.


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