Woman Sees What Her Mischevious Brother Left Behind For Her

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Teresa Martinez went into high school thinking that she would have a really good time with all of her friends.  It turned out that she would actually have a hard time in her classes and catching up in her curriculum.  She didn’t have the time to be with her friends, and she had her brothers teachers, so her teachers feared her and were more strict with her.  She didn’t know that her brother even caused his art teacher to have a nervous breakdown, she came in  unknowing that the teachers would be on her case all the time.

When she went in, she got really nervous because she was so used to a small school but then she moved into a school that was bigger than both combined.  She was a 9th grader who was going into high school with her brother’s same teachers, except they expected what was coming to them.  But then Teresa told them that she was the good and quiet child.  She went to Theodore Roosevelt High School,  when I asked her about why she went to the high school that she did, she said “It was the closest to my house” she was still chuckling about my question that I asked her.

She said that she otherwise had a great time in high school.   I asked her about which teacher was her favorite.  “I didn’t really have one, I would chose Mr. Anderson” Mr. Anderson was her American history teacher who also had her brother, but they were friends.  Another question that was asked to her was if her teachers were nice to her, “They were nice to me… once I told them that I was the good child” Teresa said while trying to remember her experience.

When Teresa was at high school, she said that she otherwise had a good time.  She said that after her telling the teachers about her, she had no adventures in high school, except when she had to liquid nitrogen for her brother.

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