Blaine Johnathan, Singing Coach

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       On September 17, 2014 I had the chance to interview one of my best friends Blaine Johnathan. Why you might ask, well Blaine just so happens to be a singing coach. So as the interview started I asked my first question. Do you ever find it hard to finish your homework before a lesson? He replied saying that he has a short attention span for school, especially when he has a a lot of homework. I mean so does everyone!

       Then came my next question that I’m sure every parent wants to know, What he does with the money! He then revealed that he is actually saving up to buy a new laptop, and he’s almost there! He actually gets paid ten dollars per lesson. The next question that was asked was, What age are your students? He then thought a moment before replying saying that the range are 9 to 11.

        Of course me being me I asked if he had any social life considering he does 1 or 2 lessons a day! He laughed and said ” Well I must be doing something right, because me and you have been friends for awhile!” Next I asked him where he gave these lessons? He then said that he actually gives these lessons at his dad’s store, where his dad gives guitar lessons. And that he, Blaine, gives lessons around 4:30 and is usually done around 6:30.

Then due to my curios mind I asked what he does when he’s sick. I mean does he cancel the lessons? He then immediately responded saying ” I never cancel a lesson unless absolutely necessary. When I’m sick I let them do a Karaoke sort of thing, and I give them my opinions and tips.” Then for my last question I asked if there is ever a time he doesn’t have lessons. ” Oh yeah! Sometimes they cancel and i’m off. It;s those random days we go to Whataburger!” We laughed and talked for awhile before he actually had to leave for a lesson. We bid each other goodbye, then headed home.

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