Mom’s Special Trip to Europe

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My mom went on a trip to Europe with her sister. They visited famous museums and monuments, and traveled to different countries. She even met two celebrities in Paris and took pictures with them on the Eiffel Tower!

My mom was in high school at the time. She wanted to travel because she wanted to experience traveling far away and going to a new place. “I’ve always heard about these countries, and wanted to see them with my own eyes.”

She had a memorable moment when she was in Germany. A German grandma was chasing them and yelling something, but my mom and her sister didn’t speak German. They ran away because they thought the grandma was crazy, but someone translated what she had been yelling. Her words were, “You girls are so beautiful, and I want to buy you ice cream.” They didn’t speak the same language, but it felt like they were having a full conversation just by looking into each other’s eyes.

“I was so amazed,” she said. “I saw things I could only see in magazines in real life.” My mom’s trip to Europe was finished in three weeks. She will never forget what she saw and felt.







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