5 Year Old’s First Day

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Remember going to kindergarten? Having that great feeling of being at your first school. My younger sister just went to kinder so I decided to ask her what her first day was like.

“Who’s my teacher? Mrs.Anderson and Mrs.Richie. Mrs.Richie just helps Mrs.Anderson.” What did you do? “I don’t know.” I shake my head and continue. When was the first day? “Hm let’s say Monday?” Where is the school? “I think Hidden Forest” Why did you go to school? Did you want to? “Because we had to learn and yes I was so excited to see all my friends!” How was the very big day? “Good.” Why? “I don’t know.” Why did you like/dislike your teacher? “I liked it because she was a good teacher” Almost done. Dis anything bad happen? If so what? “Yes! There was someone hitting and punching and kicking!!” Were you nervous? “Duh!!” Well why? “Because it was my first day.” Alright then. Now Last question. Did you make any friends? “A lot! I made Caroline and Chloe and Aiden and Jackson and  a lot more but let’s pass that.”

My younger sister is a crazy little five year old who just started school. Well now you know what it’s like in a five year old’s point of view.

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