A Girl’s First Day at a Country High School

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Crystal Barrientes’s  first day  of high school was a little different, she didn’t feed the cows or the pigs and collect the eggs. Her outfit was normal she wore a pair of old jeans and her favorite band t-shirt “Tool”. The school was about forty-five minutes away she had to take the city bus, to get to the school bus stop. The choices of high schools were different she could go to any school instead of just three or two schools. She ended up at East Central High School.

Crystal’s meanest teacher was the Spanish teacher Mr.Colby. Her most embarrassing moment is the first day she wore her new white pants, then during lunch she sat down and felt something. She stood up, and found she had sat in pizza and milk. She ran to the restroom to see. She had to wait for new pants. She had to go on with her day and she didn’t get the new pants until 7th period.

Her school had a troublemaker his name was I.W he was rude and got in trouble a lot. Crystal had a best friend named Nicole. Now she is in Dallas with her daughter Jill. Jill is in journalism too. “I enjoyed 9th  grade. It was good, and I  loved all my teachers.”

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