A Memorable Trip for Kylee

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This past weekend, one of my friends, Kylee Harrison, agreed with me on an interview. I told her it would be on a memorable trip she has been on. ” On my trip, with me were a few of my friends.” That  was her first answer to who was there with her.There were more questions and more answers. ” To pass the time in the bus everyone sang, watched the movie playing, ate food, or slept. The place I was going to was a camp for CBC, or Community Bible Church. When I left for camp, it was the first or second week of summer, and everyone was really tired because we left around eight or nine. The reason I have for going to camp is it was a good opportunity to make new friends and to have fun, but my main reason was to learn about God and learn about how great he is.”

I know that there were three people that Kylee knew before going to camp.  Those three people were Brooke Yates, Madison Droddy, and myself. There might have possibly been more people she knew but I don’t know.

Kylee said the trip was great, and when I asked her how much she fun she had at the camp on a scale of one to ten, do you know what I heard her say?  “Ten!”


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