A Vacation To Sweden

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Stacey Golden’s visit to Stockholm Sweden was to be able to meet up with her good friend form highschool, Helen, in that July of 1991. While she was visiting Sweden, Helen and Stacey were both sightseeing together. Some of the main things they went to sightsee was castles, the beach, and large museums.

Shortly after riding a plane for over 14 hours, she had to ride in a car for a few more hours. Soon after her time traveling to get to Sweden, a summer solstice started. “After riding for so long, then being able to see a summer solstice was most likely my favorite part of the trip, other than the museums.” She states.

During the short time that Stacey was there she was able to see a summer solstice, castles, the beach, and large museums. The July of 1991 was a very memorable summer for Stacey and her friend Helen.

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