Former Bradley student does gymnastics!!

| September 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

Former Bradley Student,Stephanie Miller, Has told me during our interview that she has been doing gymnastics the years that she has been here at Bradley Middle School. She has told me that she has been doing gymnastics for three years now and she has just developed a love for it. “My mom told me that I had to do a sport outside of school or else I couldn’t do a sport at school.”she told me. She had devolved a love for it a month after she had started it and had decided to do that instead a sport at school. “My love for gymnastics has grown I think a lot more scene I have been doing it more and more I feel like she put me in the best sport because I fell in ¬†love with it the moment that I started.” she said. She is a hard working intelligence an amazing friend and an amazing person to be around.




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