Future Pro Swimmer Here At Bradley?

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Leah Martinez is a swimmer at blossom stadium. She is practicing to become a professional swimmer. The interview stared with a few simple questions Leah Martinez wants to be a professional  swimmer when she gets older so she has to practice as much as she can.

“Swimming is everything to me. It makes me feel like I’m  not as stressed out even though I really am,” she tells me.

Leah Martinez is an amazing swimmer from what I have seen from watching her over the past  weekend. Leah Martinez thinks that she can move up to the Olympics soon. Blossom stadium is a place where they are  trained to help improve young swimmers dreams to become better swimmers or that want to be professional swimmers one day. Leah Martinez as you can tell is one of those people  who has a lot of pride in what she does and she isn’t ever scared to show anyone what she has and how hard she works to be as great  as she really is. She  puts in a lot of effort toward what she loves and I don’t think that I have ever met anyone as talented and determined to finish what she has started and to do what see loves. She is a true role  model.



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