Grace’s Special Talent

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Grace Honeyman, a seventh grader at Bradley Middle School, is on a volleyball team outside of school. She has been playing for three years, and her favorite position is defensive specialist, a position where she does most of the hitting and has most contact with the ball. Grace started volleyball because she simply wanted to try it, and it brought her all the way to the A team at Bradley.

Her volleyball club is called The Elite. They have won first place at a tournament, defeating all the other teams. She says it was a special game to her. “Volleyball helps me bond with my teammates. I meet new people, and make new friends.” She enjoys indoor volleyball versus beach, grass, and water volleyball. Her favorite skill is hitting. “I think that it’s important to play a team sport. You find people who have the same love about that sport,” she says.

A funny moment was when one of her friends stepped forward to hit the ball, missed, and the ball bounced off her head. “Good thing it wasn’t at an actual game!” She said. Why do you continue to play? Grace thought about this question for a while. She finally replied, “I continue to play just because it’s fun and I get to see my friends.”








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