Helping the Heroes That Help Us.

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The Del Rios are a family of 6. Alexis Del Rio is the daughter of a Marine special intelligence solider that was injured in Iraq while fighting in the war.  Both of his legs were injured and he had to get prosthetic legs in order to walk.

The Helping A Hero program is a program that helps severely wounded soldiers get comfortable with their new legs. Alex Del Rio was given a house that was accessible for him to reach things with out having to do to much work.  Alexis was devastated when she found out about her fathers wounded legs, but got used to it as she lived with him in the new house given to them by the Helping A Hero program.

“It takes faith, motivation, and confidence to continue life as a military family.” Alexis had said after she found out.”Its hard living with 6 people in one house, as long as we’re together I know we can make it through anything.”



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