Into the Past of the Journalism Editor

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Erica Lerma, journalism editor, explains to us her previous experience working for a program called, San Anto Cultural Arts. She goes into an in-depth flashback about her time.

“I wrote the articles to inform, or mainly to get out and express my creative writing skills.” Erica quotes, telling us why exactly she wrote these articles. Articles were due every month, and one deadline to rule them all, no going over, or late work. Erica’s friends and family know of her great work, and enjoy reading her past articles. She told us how she improved, and how much she loves writing.

“I’ve successfully been in two photo galleries so I’d say I’ve taken around 1,000 pictures total working for San Anto Cultural Arts.” Erica tells us. Out of every last picture she took, her best was of a church. One picture was so interesting and beautiful to her, that she even mounted and framed it on the wall. Erica has no idea how many people liked her articles, but one thing is for sure, an average of 500 people or more read her articles. Her newspaper was called El Placazo, so please read it – Link

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