Kaitlyn Holzinger First Month of Gymnastics

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Gymnastic is a sport in which athletes and perform acrobatic features leaps, flips ,turns, handstands, and more. Sometimes it can be performed with ribbon or rope. Love Gymnastic offer year round programs for recreational  gymnastic, tumbling, and girls and boys competitive gymnastic. They are located at 13924 Nacogdoches rd.

The idea came from her former neighbor, Ms. Lelah. Ms. Lelah taught Katelyn a cartwheel “and I fell on my face,” stated Katelyn Holzinger. Then she started to practice her cartwheel and finally did it. Then she knew she want to do gymnastics.¬†Katelyn Holzinger goes to Love Gymnastic. She just joined one month ago and really enjoys gymnastics so far. Katelyn’s instructor is coach Tomas. The reason she chose to join, was she had a friend who went there and when she tried out she said “it was big.”

There was another reason she chose gymnastics, she is very flexible. She enjoys gymnastics and gives it a ten. “it’s hard and practice it gets harder and harder each class.” says Katelyn Holzinger. Katelyn really enjoys gymnastics and would not change it.

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  1. Mary Rodriguez says:

    Awesome article, I love gymnastics too!

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