Memories of the First Day of High School

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High school the best years of our lives. Which is why I picked my sister, Amanda, to relive her very first day of high school. So to start off the interview, I asked the most asked question when talking about the subject. I asked what she was thinking? I mean it must be nerve racking to start your very first day of high school! But she said the one thing that is on everyone mind on the first day of school. She said that she “wanted to go home!” ┬ábut then added on saying she was pretty nervous considering how big the school is.

I then curiously asked, what she ate for lunch that day. That is if she can even remember! After a good five minutes she responded saying that she ate a all the junk food at the snack bar! I guess she is putting her lunch money to use. And of course if I’m asking what she ate I should know who she ate with! “I ate with my three best friends. I was so relived to know that they had the same lunch period as me!”And then just for fun I asked when was her first day of high school.

She laughed and thought for a good twenty minutes before using August 21 as her educated guess. And then of course I had to ask where these happy memories were made. She then answered proudly, Winston Churchill High School. Of course I had to ask how she felt. she stated that she was nervous, I mean who wouldn’t be? But then added that she already felt comfortable because she had been to the school numerous times for pep squad so she knew people. After that we bid our goodbyes and went our separate ways.


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