Mother Goes to High School

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          Worried about her locker combination, and finding all of her classes, Annella was living her first day of high school. This was, of course, back in 1976 at Cy-Fair High, in Houston, Texas. Annella tells us about her first day experience in vivid detail.

          “There were about 2,500 kids there… and half of them were actually in the oil industry.” Annella quotes. Since most know that smell is one of the most vivid memory activators, she tells us which smell she remembered most. The theater room was always smelling of makeup from the costume room, and wood shavings. She knew almost every last name in her school, but had almost no close friends. Her first class began at 7:30, and last class ended at 3:25.

          “I once went to school at 4:30 AM for swim practice.” She chose the electives swimming, and theater. Annella always had swim practice, and once left the house at 4:30 AM. The school was small, only one story except for an old building that had two stories. The two second-story classrooms only taught politics and were for seniors. Annella’s schedule took her all over the school. From the drama room, to the school pool, to her algebra class. As for lunch, she winged it. Once she got to know some of the theater students, she eventually sat with them.

In the end, her first day was exceptionally interesting, and worrying, like most. However, many years ago things were much different from today.

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