Rachel Nollie: Cheerleaders Are Athletes Too

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Rachel Nollie is a AYC nationals cheerleader, she travels to places like Florida and California for nationals or any other competition. Was it hard when u had first started out? she replied “yes” and why was it so hard “because it was my first year I didn’t know what I was getting into.” she also said that she didn’t know how it was going to be because she didn’t know that there was competition.

She didn’t like traveling as much because she had to miss school and so much make up work to do. She said “cheer is life” and if u ask her, her definition of cheer, she would say “they are the same as athletes because it takes twice as much work as any other sport.” cheerleading might not seem like a sport but it is because you run, throw, and catch. A way that sh makes the crowd scream, yell, and get loud is by saying a chant.

Is cheer hard? “yes, because you need to know the right timing and the right way to do it, so u wont make your self look funny”. In my opinion it looks and seems hard because she have to do so many flips and also have to flexible. Rachel is a person who believes in cheer and believes and follows her dream to get an education and also to be a nationals cheerleader. Would you like to be a football cheerleader when u get older? “no, because I want to be something bigger in life then just cheer, I don’t know what I want to do yet but I will figure it out when the time is right.” For now she is just going to take time off to focus on her school work and testing so far.

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