The Comedy Club Embarrassment

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Mr. Harroff was a young man when this comedy embarrassment happened to him. He was at the comedy club, in a small room with very few people (that were very judgmental). Mark was at the comedy club to tell a few jokes, or the one joke he could come up with. ” I was basically telling a long joke and I didn’t even get to finish it.” says Mark. He also says he got cut off because the time ran out. I asked Mr.Harroff if he could go back in time, is there anything he would want to change about what happened, he responded  ” I would have wanted to be more prepared.”

“I was frustrated,” he started,  “because I thought I had more time, but I got cut off.”  Mr.Harroff does not tell this story very often, what happened that night at the comedy club does not embarrass him still today. He doesn’t think the event was funny even though he is older now. The comedy club embarrassment happened a while ago, and the event did embarrass him at the time, but he has moved on.


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