Wrong Car

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Have you sometimes felt like everybody is watching you and in that exact  moment you do something really embarrassing? Well, a student’s aunt tells her embarrassing but fun experience when she went up to the wrong car.

“I felt like a little dumb girl” Samantha told us laughing

“All the people was looking at me when I was running to the shine red car and went up to it, everybody was like ‘what’s she doing in there’ I felt like ‘yeah this is my new car’, but a man came running to the car and said ‘what are you doing?’ and I said ‘this is my car’ and then I saw my big brother laughing so I went out of the car and ask him ‘why are you laughing?’ and he said laughing ‘that’s not our car’ in seconds I turned all red and looked to the right and  there was a shiny, new, red, car. I was really embarrassed. Then I looked to the man and he said ‘you want me to call to the police?’ and a 12 year-old kid came and explained him what happened and the man started laughing it was so embarrassing I don’t want to experience the same thing again”

Samantha really excited because her parents bought a new car went up to the WRONG CAR. Samantha still remember that moment like it was yesterday and now she always try to make sure that she’s in the correct car and pay more attention to the things around her.

“I’ll never forget that,” she said more than 5 times.





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