Behind the Scenes With Mr. Keyes

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Tyler Keyes, theater art teacher at Bradley Middle School, is secretly a famous director for theater and has worked with many actors and is an actor himself outside of school. Mr. Keyes is a former student at Trinity University and has a Masters in Drama and a degree in teaching. Mr. Keyes has been teaching for 7 years at Bradley Middle School and has been loving every year of it. Mr. Keyes has been in about forty plays.

Bradley is not the only school Mr. Keyes taught at. Mr. Keyes has taught at Mac Arthur High School and he has taught at The American School of Bangkok in Thailand but, he has mostly taught and preformed in San Antonio. Mr. Keyes’s most recent plays are “Arms and the Man”, and, “Beware of Tigers”. Mr. Keyes said a quote from “Arms and the Man”, “I beg to propose formally to become a suitor for your daughters hand!” Sweet right? Mr. Keyes did not pick theater on his own. Mr. Keyes was tricked into theater arts by his friend. If it wasn’t for his friend I won’t be sitting here writing this.

Mr. Keyes has two more shows of this year and he thinks he is going to have a lot  of fun in these.

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