Beyblade To Victory

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Ethan Tesmer a 7th grader at Bradley Middle school,  claims to be the top Bey-bladder here at Bradley. He has been doing the sport of Bey-blading ever since he was three years old. “Bey-blading is for the mind and strength of your body, yes it may seem to be a toy but it’s not, this kind of stuff is serious to me and many other’s.”Say’s bey-bladder Ethan. His inspiration was not as strong as his words yet strong in heart,” I was inspired by the world around me, when I was younger I just  didn’t take it as seriously as i do now, so I lost them, broke them, and I never understood how they would affect me today”. says Ethan Tesmer.

“Life is full of lessons and experiences,” says former teacher Mrs.Bankhead. “Without lessons and experiences, the world would be like The Hunger games instead of today” Ethan has a real talent!

That year Ethan Traveled to Germany for the Bey-blading championship when he met his first opponent, Tyler Rogers gave his first threat, you ready to lose boy? asked Tyler Rogers…” Wow look at you, talking to yourself already”, says Ethan, “I’m ready to win anytime any day”! that week he won the golden el drago bey-blade. Ethan says that “without his grandmother all of these things wouldn’t be true for him, that his life would be a totally differant story”. He did what he always wanted to he bey-bladed to victory!


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