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          I recently interviewed a certain Catie Hart on a very interesting and unique hobby she has. Catie is a cosplayer. You may ask, “What’s a cosplayer?” and to that I say ask Catie herself!

          “It’s typically dressing up as a character from a series, movie, video game, etc.” Catie gets her ideas by finding a character she likes, and paying attention to the physical appearance whilst playing off of what is the most like the character. Although she enjoys cosplay, she would not consider being in the professional business. Unlike most people Catie puts her chores and homework first before the costumes. Chores is also first on the list of money resources. Other ways she gets money to pay for the costumes is by allowance, and holiday gifts.

“My first cosplay was a character called Alois. [ It wasn’t hard to get the costume togetherbut I didn’t make it myself, I bought it from somebody who did.” Catie has not been to an official Comic-Con (comic convention) however, she is planning to go at the beginning of 2015 in Austin. Her next cosplay will be of a world-renowned gamer named Chiaki Nanami. Good luck to you Catie and have fun doing what you do!


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