Hannah Geppert, Year-Round Swimmer

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Hannah Geppert

Hannah Geppert is a seventh grader this year who does year-round swimming. I got the opportunity to interview her, and to see what her life was like.

Hannah has been swimming since she was four years old she went to swim lessons, after that, she was hooked. She started to year-round swim three years ago, and is on Quad A. Her favorite part of swimming is the swim meets. “It gives me a chance to improve my times”, she stated in the interview–and she also has a place for the butterfly in her heart. “My favorite stroke is the butterfly because it is the most challenging,” says Geppert.

She may like some strokes, but she also has a weak stroke, the backstroke. Despite not doing any other outside of school activities, she does think she may go to the Olympics one day. “Maybe, if I think my times are fast enough.”

Finally, Hannah has a few “words of wisdom” as I call it, to share with young beginner swimmers: “Don’t give up and push yourself.”


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