Alyssa Aldrich On the AHFSH Soccer Club

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Over the past week Alyssa Aldrich talked about being on the Alamo Heights, Fort Sam Houston soccer club (AHFSH), she  tried out for another soccer club but they did not have any room so she tried out for AHFSH soccer club. Alyssa tried out for this club because she wants to play soccer in high school and be successful. Alyssa plays all the time at her house and, plays at real soccer games and practices at the…

“Fort Sam Houston Army Base.”

Aldrich wants to be as successful at soccer as possible so she practices all the time. She knows that being involved in a club will teach her more advanced methods. She practice and played, “Every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30, and we have games every weekend. My dad helps me practice and also my private coach.”

Aldrich has been in soccer since she was about seven years old. She realized she really liked it and wanted to play even longer. She joined soccer when she was little because her parents signed her up not expecting her to go this far in her soccer career.

When Aldrich get home after practice she stay up late occasionally to finish her homework or projects. Which makes it a bit more stressful but that’s what she loves to do.




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