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Cosplaying is one of Lillian Watkins favorite things to do. She cosplays almost everyday, whether its at home or in public. “The main reason that I cosplay is because it can be very fun and its nice to be able to meet new people who have some of the same interests as yourself.” Some of my favorite characters to cosplay are from South Park or vocaloid.

Cosplaying is when someone dresses up as a fictional character from sources like manga, anime, comic books, and video games. The costumes can vary greatly, they can be from highly detailed to just a simple T-shirt and jeans. Creating the cosplay costumes can be a professional well paying job depending on how well you create the costumes. Cosplay conventions are often held all across the world in all diffrent ways.

“Normally when I am Cosplaying I both create and buy my own costumes, for example sometimes I buy my own costumes  online the style it up for the finishing touches.” Most cosplyers often spend quiet a range of time on creating their costumes, it can go from a day to a few weeks.

Lillian  cosplays all the time. She  mainly cosplays at home, but every chance she gets she will go and cosplay in public.  “Meeting other people who love the same characters that I love is very fun and so is meeting all these new people, who you might keep in touch with all the time! Meeting all these other people who cosplay is very fun, especially when you go with other friends.”


4 quotes in 3 -4 paragraphs, each paragraph should be 4 sentences.  Use the background research to inform your reader about what she does.

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