Jake the Guitarist

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I interviewed Jake McKinnei. Jake is an amazing guitarist,  he practices everyday to get better and better. He loves what he does so much. In 20 years he sees himself being a famous, intelligent  guitarist. ”I cherish my 5 guitars with my life, they are like my babies” Jake said. Jake first became a guitarist at the age of 1o. Ever since he was 1 he had been surrounded by music and wanted to play guitar.

Jake’s father would give him lessons everyday and help him learn. At the time it was fairly simple to him , he was a very fast learner. He uses his dads guitar and sometimes his brothers. Jake always thought that he would want to do guitar, so he finally did.

”Guitar is the sound wave of my music” Jake says. The hardest part of learning guitar to Jake, was learning to watch his fingers while he is playing. Jake hasn’t performed anywhere before , but he would like to. He plays guitar because that’s what he sees himself doing in future. Jakes favorite part about guitar is the fun of it. Jake will try to conquer his dream of be a guitarist.

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