Let’s Build a House!

| September 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

 Mariah Garcia loves to help her community. One event that stood out the most for her was helping build a house to provide shelter for others. The event was set up by CBC (Community Bible Church).The church does many other things that help the community,but out of all the events Mariah thought it would be more of a challenge and a great goal to achieve by building a house for someone.

She started to help in August, and the building of the house was going to take about 6 to 8 weeks, to 3 months tops. While, working on the building she got to meet alot of new people and got to learn about  alot of new things about building and more. “It’s a really good feeling to do this and i would like to do it again some day.”

Mariah would love to continue helping others in the future and the present. “Giving a home to people feels really good, knowing that they have a place to stay.”  The CBC does many other things to help the community and Mariah will for sure help other people in the future.


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