Moving To Different Places .

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Robert Favela has moved a lot of times but also has traveled to different states and cities. Although moving from place to place can interfere with social skills, he always seems to make a couple friends.

Robert was born in Utah but when he was about two  he moved to Arizona , but when he was about seven , he moved back to Utah. Recently he just moved here to San Antonio. “Moving is good sometimes..its also nerve reacting.” 

He also travels a lot too. Although he’s only been to 7 different states, he says “Each time I go somewhere else, its always fun. Traveling is fun and adventurous. I’ve been to Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, Texas, Florida, Denver, and California. My Favorite trip was to Los Angeles, California. We went to the beach, walked on the Venice board walk, went to Hollywood to see the stars, visited family. It was a good experience.”

Although he’s been to even more cities in those states, and has moved a couple times, he still tries to make the best of things. Its also made him lots of memories traveling and he thinks that traveling is a good way to meet new people. And to see how different people are in each city and they’re cultures.

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