Taylor’s secret softball love

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Taylor Medina is an 8th grade student at Bradley Middle School. She is sweet and nice, even to new kids at the school. it doesn’t take long to know that Taylor is a sweet and loving person. Besides being her perfect self, she is on the A team for volleyball. In addition to being a star representing our school on the A team, Taylor has a love for softball.

Miss. Medina was 4 when she started playing softball. As of today, Taylor plays on the Texas Bombers team. Her position in softball is short stop. Short stop is between 2nd base and 3rd base. She helps catch softballs that come down the middle of both of the bases. Medina does like her position. “… it’s fun and exciting.”┬áTaylor prefers softball more than volley ball. Although she loves both, and enjoys to play both.┬áMedina likes softball because she feels “happy and excited,” when playing.

Taylor Medina says she “would like to get to college” with softball. Softball is something that Taylor enjoys, and wants to do for as long as she can. I had a lot of fun being able to interview Taylor, it was a privilege. Shes such an amazing volleyball player, and softball player as well.

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