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For a few years now, I’ve been addicted to a certain series of PC and PC-98 set of games known as Touhou Project. The game has about 20 games in total, with tons of fan titles, manga works, and also cosplay of some of the characters!

          “You can’t worry about common sense in Gensokyo” is a famous quote from one of the characters in the game. It all takes place in a world known as Gensokyo, where demons, ghosts, superhumans, and even people from the moon roam free to fight each other with a system known as danmaku. This system makes Touhou Project technically nonviolent. However, swords, eating people, and sometimes even bullets are present, though they are fired from finger guns. Reimu, the protagonist of the game, is a shrine maiden(a kind of Japanese priest), and resolves incidents… most of the time. Normally, she only resolves them if they make her life less convenient, not if they threaten the balance of nature. The second protagonist, Marisa, is an insane witch with the power of heat and light, which results in her throwing magic bombs at people, shooting stars, as well as firing giant rainbow laser heat cannons! Overall, I think the game series is hilarious and amazing, spanning from fighters, RPGs, and shooters, and I believe that the little plot in the game is extremely interesting.

Getting more into the fantasy aspect of the game, one character, most renowned for being extremely powerful, (doing everything for the laughs) Yukari Yakumo, has the power to manipulate boundaries. In other words, can change differences and similarities between things. She is commonly known, for her ‘gaps’ in which she can disappear and reappear somewhere else in the universe. Another character, Remilia Scarlet, is a vampire, with the ability to mess with fate. This essentially means that she can say “You’ll die of a heart attack,” and you will. Or, “A comet will crash into the Earth at this moment,” and a comet will indeed hit the Earth. This can be viewed as overpowered, but she is a vampire after all.

The game spans over twenty-one different titles. Each being unique with a different plot, game premise, and system for beating the game with the absolute best score possible. The series starts at Highly Responsive to Prayers and now to the most recent game, having been made earlier this year, Impossible Spell Card. There have been four total game engines. Firstly, the Japanese personal computer known as PC-98. The second spans from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil to Phantasmagoria of Flower View, and the third from Mountain of Faith to Ten Desires. Finally, the fourth is only known in Double Dealing Character and Impossible Spell Card.

Each character has a specific ability pertaining to what they can do best. From Rumia, who can manipulate the darkness, despite being one of the weakest characters, all the way to most recent, Raiko Horikawa, who can make anything follow a beat using her drums. With a cast of over 150 characters, you can see how this can get out of hand. Having so many characters, and so much diversity, you won’t get bored of Touhou Project.

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  1. Graham G. says:

    Nice job on getting the first game review posted on the website. I enjoyed reading it (again.) Hopefully I’ll be the second!

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